Monday, March 7, 2016

Unedited Wide Shots, Bench Swing Cushion Solution

Just some quick & dirty pics, unedited. I wanna keep it real & not get too fancy with the filters! Plus, lazy.

The house! I've got mostly white flowers in this bed. That's white lantana and white Autumn sage all jumbled together. A new white climbing rose is planted by the trellis. Bright edge (?) yucca in the pot crowded with ruffly springtime weeds. 

Cool colors bed in left corner. Dormant or struggling (?) tiny zoysia lawn. It probably gets romped on too much. The bench swing! Here is a tip: if the cushions on your outdoor swing are falling apart, rip them off and weave a seat out of white vinyl covered clothesline. It's inexpensive and has held up perfectly, and doesn't get dirty and nasty like fabric.

Along the curb is mostly reds... Red/orange lantana, red Autumn sage, oxblood lilies, a new Double Delight rose, and a batface cuphea at far left to bridge the red and purple flower beds. Also Mexican feather grass. Just the sage is blooming now.

 Flagstone path, Chinese fringe flower, concrete bench and the mostly-orange-roses bed behind it. Flagstone scraps, edging bricks, stepping stones, mulch were all free. I redid most of the front yard by covering the old lawn in cardboard and mulch for a summer... I'll post about that process sometime. It worked amazingly, even despite the Bermuda. But only because I did it right, unlike in the back yard where the Bermuda has grown back. Oh... Bermuda grass... How I loathe thee. It almost made me give up gardening altogether last year, for serious.

 Back yard! Peach blossoms in front of the Mexican Ruins at dusk. The liriope between the chiminea pieces is pretty dead... I didn't 'plant' it so much as I dropped it there on top of the mulch, oops. This area should get a lot more colorful soon.

 Back yard facing the house, from under the pergola. The middle here looks great, to the left is the Unmulched Cardboard Wasteland of Construction and Bermuda Patches, with some fruit trees, blueberries and blackberries mixed in. Also the chain link fence engulfed in the horrid trumpet vine, which I'll call The Devourer. To the right of this shot is Kids' Area + my stockpile of junk like scrap lumber and fence panels. I'll use them eventually!

David the gnome! Finally found a gnome I liked, at Target for just $3! Just saw that Pam at Digging has a gnome in a pot, too. 

It's Spring Break here, and supposed to rain all week! My rose bushes are all getting buds, so I'll have to take some pics of the first blooms in the rain.

Thanks for looking!

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