Monday, March 14, 2016

Thrifty Finds for Indoors and Out

Some recent thrifty finds:

 Plain little terra cotta pot at a yard sale, spraypainted it blue and added extremely low maintenance plants, for a really sunny spot. (The foot is from Hobby Lobby, I just love it except that there are no drainage holes.)

 Cool piece of wood, from a recent estate sale. I put it in the pond. Apparently a spider lives in it now... Or it was hiding in the society garlic here that I divided after this pic.

 Awesome fish pot! His tail is broken but that's ok. Same estate sale.

 And lastly from the estate sale (where my mom actually bought all this for me, isn't she the best?!), the wildflower poster at left and the nasturtiums at top right. I grouped them with this needlepoint 50¢ thrift store find, and love this wall in the kitchen now! I love decor that's cheerful, colorful, and from the 70s.

Annnnnd finally, we have the Giant Cat Statue! Found this oddity at the thrift store, and although $30 is a big purchase for me, it felt like a good deal for a huge garden statue! I plan to paint it in an interesting way... Something bright and colorful. Maybe just solid blue with some flower stencils, or one friend suggested mint green and gold. We'll see......

Thanks for looking!

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