Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sedums, Flowering Quince, Dinosaur

 I love sedums! You just pinch off a piece, stick it in some dirt, and grow a whole new plant! Pay for one small pot at the store, and you can have it all around your yard almost instantly.
Here are a couple that look nice right now. This one on the left is evergreen. It has a pretty blueish tint to it, and will grow almost anywhere. It's done best in well-draining sandy soil, but is growing in clay here as well. Sun or shade. Wish I knew its name... I think the tag had just said "stonecrop".

The one one the right in the blue bucket is a hanging/creeping variety that gets really long! It dies back in the winter. The bucket will be totally covered by fall. It looks neat in a hanging basket... I'll take a picture of that later this year. I don't know its name, either, because it was given to me by a neighbor.
 In this fun broken pot are some winter-hardy hens and chicks, plus 2 more mystery sedums (one is just a tiny red dot at bottom right).

Raaarrrrrr! I think this dinosaur will live somewhere in the backyard once I get it finished. Right now he lives between the flowering quince and the nandina. The nandina shrub was here when we moved in. It's not something I would have picked out myself, and the Dirt Doctor has recently officially labeled them invasive, but I don't plan on trying to dig it up.

This quince has been a disappointment. It only flowers on the bottom of its branches. I just moved it to this new spot, so maybe it'll do better. Or maybe that's just how its variety blooms. I looove the other flowering quinces in the neighborhood. They're one of the first things to bloom in February. I noticed them back when I started getting interested in plants, and knocked on some people's doors to ask what they were. I still do that hee hee... People usually like to talk about their plants. I sure do!

Thanks for looking!

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