Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Preschool Rainbow Garden

 Last year, I did some landscaping for the preschool at the church building where we worship. It was lots of fun and the students have enjoyed it. It's made the entrance a lot more welcoming and cheerful.

Along the playground and next to the parking lot, I made a rainbow garden. It has mostly perennials. I wish I had used painted tires instead of painted pots, because then the potted plants (mostly annuals) could be watered by the soaker hose, rather than by hand.

 This stairwell bed was mostly empty, with white irises and liriope around the outside edge. I removed some of the irises and added hot lips salvia, feather grass, some boxwoods, dusty miller, and a red turk's cap that mysteriously disappeared. I also made a little "fairy garden" in the unused bird bath, and added some garden art from Hobby Lobby. This was all so much fun! There's a hanging glass cross with a bell, near the bench, and I've heard that the kids love to ring the bell.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Marker Sketch of Chicago Peace Rose

I went to a craft night with friends and didn't know what to work on, so I decided to do a marker sketch of one of my Chicago Peace roses. I hadn't drawn in a long time and it was fun, especially since you don't have to match all the petals exactly to the photo, unlike facial features (I did portrait commissions for years, ever since middle school). The drawing's colors remind me of Lisa Frank's products.

If you'd like to see more of my art, check out Facebook.com/studioswango, or Google my name, Laurin Swango.

 I couldn't be more thrilled with all the new roses this year! This bed just gets prettier every day.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Chicago Peace Rose, Texas Mountain Laurel

 My little $6 Wal-Mart bodybag Chicago Peace rose has bloomed... and WOW!! The flowers are huge and look like glowing watercolor paintings!

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of them all day. They really seemed to glow after the sun went down. I love their big, poofy shape too. I may need to paint a picture of sometime!

 I may also need to take the colored glass bottles out of this bed, now that the roses are blooming. I never thought I'd say something was TOO colorful! The kids are playing in the DE / ant bed dirt mix, despite being warned about the ants several times. I guess the DE worked since the ants were apparently gone! Bluebonnets at the curb just keep getting bigger and better.

And I've gotta give a shout-out to the Texas Mountain Laurel tree. Like several of my plants, I bought one after reading about it on Pam Penick's Digging. It's finally bloomed, and it really does smell like grape soda!! I planted it outside the master bed and bath windows, and next to the deck, and I can smell it as soon as I walk out back. Love it!

Thanks for looking!