Sunday, July 3, 2016

NEW Lion Statue with Plant Mane, aka Huge Outdoor Chia Pet!

 My first big garden statue!
 I bought a leopard statue at the thrift store for $30, a few months back. I covered a couple holes/cracks on it with duct tape (I think it's made of some type of plaster??), spray painted it with some Rustoleum gray primer that I had on hand, and it sat on the side of the house for months. All the rain didn't seem to bother it.

Finally I've made the mane: I took apart some old white hanging shelves we had, that seem to be made of the same material as reusable shopping bags, which supposedly can be used as planters. I sewed the fabric into rectangular pockets (plus a triangular one for the top of the lion's head), arranged them on the statue and hand sewed them together into a headdress, cut slits in each pocket to add potting soil, spray painted the headdress to match the statue, then finally added the dirt and plants!

 One of these 2 perennial sedums (the longer, stringier one) dies back in the winter, and the other doesn't. So that may look interesting in the winter. I'm hoping the mane will look even better soon as it fills in.

I'm very happy with how it's turned out! I'll probably make a more magestic setting for him, but for now he's on the side of the house near the trashcans. At least passersby can see him, and he gets some shade.

Thanks for looking!