Monday, May 2, 2016

Double Delight Rose and Friends along the Front Curb

 The new Double Delight bodybag rose is now blooming! It smells the best and strongest of all my roses. I planted it near the front curb in my reds/oranges area, thinking it'd be more red than pink. I think it still works here, though, somehow. I added several pieces of purple heart to the area because dark purple seems to harmonize the reds and pinks.

 A rose peaking through the feather grass. I love Mexican feather grass and wish I could afford a whole field of it, but it's one of those plants you rarely find on clearance. However, it does seed itself in between my edging bricks, so over time I've gotten several new free clumps and just move them where I want them.

 The curb is on the right. There's red autumn sage, red/orange lantana, yellow/orange day lilies about to bloom, oxblood lilies, red yarrow (started as 1 small $1 clearance plant last year, and I recently divided it into 3 plants along the curb, I love it!), batface cuphea, and the purple heart and a mystery sedum w/ red flowers that I just planted here & there.

 The rusty wheelbarrow in the background has 2 types of purple heart and other random sedums. Wheelbarrow was $3 with some holes in the bottom, I put coconut liner and dirt on top of that, then the plant pieces. Zero maintenance!

 I love batface cuphea! The red/purple combo is so pretty.

 The Double Delight roses start out mostly offwhite.

 Yarrow at bottom right.

A view from the other end of the curb. The cool stumps were free wedding decor leftovers from the church building, and the boys like to stand on them. Notice the massive pile of mulch that's always in our driveway? I get it, delivered, totally FREE, from a wonderful local tree trimming business, and this is probably my 3rd load.

Thanks for looking!

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