Thursday, February 25, 2016

Society Garlic and Beyond

 I got some society garlic today for the goldfish pond. There weren't many choices this early in the year... It was either this or horsetail reed (not the dwarf variety). I like the flowers and the garlicy smell. I still need a dwarf water lily. I hope to find some divisions for sale on Craig's List soon. Or maybe Lowe's will get some hardy dwarf varieties... They come in a bag you're supposed to just drop in the pond, but I read to definitely repot it first. Plenty of clay soil around here so no prob.

My phone's camera is terrible about shadows and always makes too much contrast. I could probably fix the settings somehow...

Beyond the pond, you can see the tire planters for each kiddo with spring bulbs about to bloom (bought on clearance just a couple months ago, yay I guess they weren't dead!). Then the pallet "bridge" which leads to the ramshackle scrap wood pergola I hastily threw together with some help (it won't matter what it looks like once the newly planted yellow Lady Banks rose engulfs it). Then, to the right, a rebar teepee with young Joseph's Coat climbing rose. And, finally, the blue/purple wall, which is the ever-increasingly-ruined Mexican Ruins area. It featured a slightly broken chiminea, little pots on the turquoise shelf (a bunk bed ladder) with sedums, a neat little tiled pot with a red yucca, etc. The wind has blown the wall down twice and smashed everything, so I just keep rearranging what's left and trying to better secure the wall. I needed some kind of solid wall against the back chain link, to close in the space and be a focal point. It's just simple scrap fence panel pieces from a friend. I'm hoping that spot will explode with color in summer with the Joseph's Coat, another reddish climbing rose on the wall, and various lantanas tucked everywhere.
 This blue and purple fence, to the left, is made of crib pieces. I find cool things like that out at the curb to be trashed all the time. I keep a stash of the found items, spray paint them something colorful and use as needed! I think I'll plant zinnia seeds between the fence and the path... I looove zinnias! I can see all this out the back window from the living room/kitchen, too. As well as the boys jumping on the trampoline. Very handy!
Back behind this cute kid here, on the left, is the grapevine wall. It's made of 4 pieces of a rusty metal pergola that I paid... Gulp... $50 for at an estate sale... And it promptly fell apart at home. Waaahhhhh!! The 4 remaining flimsy panels stand as a reminder that powder coated steel is cheap junk. And to never waste that much money again haha

Thanks for looking!


  1. "The 4 remaining flimsy panels stand as a reminder that powder coated steel is cheap junk. And to never waste that much money again"

    Haha, oh no!!

    1. Aaaaaggghhhh I know... It still hurts... Hahaha
      You look so happy and fabulous by the way!