Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It's so nice to finally be getting some rain! I love how these little glass gems sparkle in the shade or when it's gloomy out. I got the idea from Lucinda Hutson's garden when it was featured on Central Texas Gardener. She said the kids who visit her garden love them and call them treasure. I thought my boys would like them too, which they do. But I tell them this little "plate" of them are mine! Haha  The Chinese fringe flower is so pretty right now, too. It's just exploding with vivid pink flowers!

Coming up: I plan to post some before and after shots from over the years, and pics of the new container pond I put together with the help of Pam Penick's blog!


  1. I love the combination of pink with the blue sparkles of your garden art. The artwork also adds some nice structure to your space.

  2. Thank you, Lee! I found the neat rusty plate with the holes in it at a yard sale last year. Best yard sale ever... She was a retired gardener and had so many neat rocks and pots and rusty things. She liked that we have the same taste so she gave me a great bargain! I'm glad her little treasures can have a second life in my garden.